Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick rant, because this is what the internet is for.

Something's been getting on my nerves recently, perhaps the only thing that's bugging me during this otherwise perfect week: racism.

Or, rather, the media and general public's over-blowing and reaction to it.

It's universally accepted racism is absolutely unacceptable, and I agree with that wholeheartedly; but what I do have a problem with is how the boundaries of what does or does not constitute as racism is almost non-existent, and yet so many people see it as a black and white issue (excuse the pun). This wouldn't really bother me if it wasn't for the vehement outcries that comes out of it. Quite often, it's not even okay to mention or refer to someone's skin colour any more, not even in a friendly manner. Now what's that all about? Does that simple act discriminate, degrade or antagonize anyone? I see no reason why it should. If anything, the fact that it's become so taboo just reinforces this idea that not being white is somehow so bad it shouldn't even be addressed.

I don't know how much colonialist or slave-trading history has to do with all this, but the guilt definitely plays a part in all this. Many act as if racism is a crime against humanity, that the slightest misuse of words is worthy of a witch hunt. Every paper's going to cover the story of one man making 'racist' gestures in a football stadium with great sensationalism, but none will speak of chants mocking the deaths of over a hundred people. Anything done against a non-white (can I say that? Is it politically correct?) will be attributed to racism even before any context is given. This knee-jerk reaction clouds judgements and overshadows the facts, and usually ends up being used by some groups of people to smear opponents, gain support or anything else that would help them achieve their agenda, political or otherwise.

What's happening is that we as a society are becoming more and more obsessed with the trivial things whilst the real discrimination, the real, institutionalised social injustice, are continually overlooked. These two are not mutually exclusive, but surely the latter deserves more attention and that's not what seems to be happening. Instead of creating a more equal world, one free of hate and prejudice, these people who are so quick to get on a high horse and put on a self-righteous attitude calling for severe punishments and condemnation for anyone making the slightest faux-pas is creating nothing more than a world of preposterous political correctness and that, ladies and gentlemen, annoys me to no end.


  1. Happens every black history month, haha. I hate the hollywood spin on racism. Making money off bad memories.

  2. I think the fact the things get a bit stale is that nowadays no one really know what constitutes racism.

  3. blah blah blah, white, black yellow, green. Reminds me of the other day i was having a smoke on my deck the other day and i saw some teenage girls talking to a kid. I found it hilarious that this white kid starts the conversation with "Hey Niggas", and throughout the conversation it appeared to be a prominent piece of his vocabulary. "yeah nigga", "thats sick nigga"...etc. Hilarious.

  4. Political correctness is the scourge of the modern world. It muddies the otherwise clear water in a vain attempt to over-complicate the world. It's a trick the liberal media uses to make you think twice about speaking the truth. For example- 10.4% of the ENTIRE Black population in America is currently incarcerated. So the next time you see a black walking around in your neighborhood, just know that there is a 1 in 10 chance of being a convicted criminal. Is that racist? NO! That's STATISTICS! I've done my homework, and that's why I carry a firearm locked and loaded.


  5. full support.
    finally someone wrote this!
    great psot, great blog
    + followed

  6. I absolutely agree with you! There's a lot of craziness and hypocrisy as well when it comes to this question.