Tuesday, January 17, 2012

British citizen or UK resident?

Please spare a minute or two for this petition. Twenty-two years ago, a 15 year old boy, along with 95 others, went to a football match, and never came back.

Kevin Williams died in the Hillsborough disaster in1989, Kevin's Inquests were riddled with coruption, suppressing of vital evidence and perverting the course of JUSTICE, Kevin did not die from Traumatic Asphixia or in an accident I will not pick up his death certificate until we get the course of death put right and the accidental death verdict struck down. Kevin does not relate to the 3.15pm cut off point.I want a new inquest were all the witnesses will be called to give evidence so the jury will know exactly what happened to Kevin at Hillsborough. I have all the evidence under section 13 of the coroners act and have been refused 3 times by the attorney generals office, I want the Attorney General to look at the evidence again and send Kevin's case back to the divisional court recomending a new inquest into the death of my son.

The Hilsborough disaster is very close to my heart, not only because the victims were fans of the football club I love, but because I find it absolutely appalling that a tragedy of this scale was so poorly dealt with. No one's been held accountable for the deaths of nearly a hundred people, the media distorted the truth, their slanders had painted a huge stain on the people of Liverpool, and justice has not been served. Signing this petition could help a mother find out about how her son died, and perhaps provide his family with closure.

This has nothing to do with club allegiances. It is to do with justice, and that, I believe, is a much, much bigger issue than football.


  1. That's horrible, never heard of it before. :/

  2. its a verrry touchy subject as an impartial observer id rather stay like that :D

  3. One day, there will be justice for all, and not just the powerful and well-connected.

  4. This sounds like an urban legend to be honest. o_o