Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I wish I could get a job.

Whilst I don't really need the money, I just have time on my hands and I'd like to actually do something productive now that all of the plans I've made have been callously shoved down the drain by the parents. I can't even get an internship since they all go for older candidates and I don't have enough experience and that, but maybe that's partially because of what I'm applying for. It would've been much easier in many countries but I can't do much about it anymore.

If I don't get a response from any organisations in a week I'm going to be all fuck this shit, sign up for German classes and book a trip to Shanghai.

EDIT: I realise this is a shite post so I'll leave you with this; hopefully it'll make up for that:


  1. Not sure how well German and Shanghai match up, but go ahead! :P

    1. Haha it's just stuff I can do to kill time.